Creators Studio Connecting Yoyogiuehara
and the World

“OPRCT” is based on the word “oprecht” which means “from the heart”, “genuine” in Dutch. Our mission is to be a “Creators Studio”, a hub connecting companies and consumers centering around genuine creators. Photo and video shooting studios, and event space, and live venue are available in one building allowing creators who work on various forms of music, visual arts, performances, etc. to show their creativity. On the first floor, we provide a community space where creators of different genres, businesses, and nearby residents can interact on a daily basis.


Ecosystem Concept

LIFESOUND, INC. has engaged in the music business, space management, and media business in Yoyogiuehara since 2008. Our mission is “It is a sin not to share a good thing.” In the music business, we have connections with artists in more than 20 countries around the world. We also support the Japanese soul singer, Nao Yoshioka who is based in the United States, in her quest to win a Grammy Award. In the space management division, we manage both photo and video shooting studios that aim to stimulate the creators creativity.

On the media business side, we operate and create content for website ACT LOCALLY ( which is focused on the people and city of Yoyogiuehara, which is also home for LIFESOUND, INC.

“OPRCT”is a compilation of ideas for the realization of a ”Creator-centerd Utopia” that has been realized through links to all three businesses. In recent years, collaborations between creators, and collaborations linking creators’ activities and company promotions have attracted a lot of attention. “OPRCT” opened in January 2019 with the goal of being a Utopia full of exciting creations by creators and companies.


Architecture & Design

The buildings architecture and design concept is “rough interior” inspired by the idea of industrial design, as simple as possible and as minimal as possible. We designed OPRCT with the aesthetics of subtraction by use of various simple materials. That allows for the creator and their works to be more prominent. We would like to be a platform where leading creators and their works are able to demonstrate their abilities in a blank space.


Concept Movie


Main Visual 2018-2019


1983 born in Saitama.
After studying psychology, continuing to making art works by photography.
2010年 1WALL、2011年 写真新世紀に入賞、2013年 「SHOWCASE #2 CURATED BY MINORU SHIMIZU」(eN arts)、2014年 「figure」個展(実家JIKKA)2017年 「AVALANCHE/SHEET/DUAL」個展(rin art association)、その他多数国内外のアートフェアやグループ展に参加。
2015年 Newfave刊『MASS』がパリフォト・アパチャー財団フォトブックアワード・ファーストブック部門のショートリストにノミネートされる。
2019年 VOCA展2019に出品。